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Discussion with Nicolas Trifon by launching “Anarhia” Number 3

report of a participant

Anarhia3On 23rd of November at “Biblioteca Alternativă” was launched the 3rd issue of “Anarhia” – an independent publication that put accent on working class, syndicalist and libertarian history, (especially local history), that contain theoretical approach but that is also relating about recent events.

The actual edition includes topics about East Europe during 1980’s: political emigration, alternative projects, social and political analyses, worker’s movement from Romania and Eastern Europe and political repression. Special guest was Nicolas Trifon – whose political activity during 1980’s is related to “Iztok”, a libertarian group founded in France by Bulgarian anarchists in exile and whose activity was impugning the authoritarianism of the communist regimes from Eastern Block. Along with Nicolas Trifon it was discussed the condemnation of communism under the (actual) president Traian Băsescu: Why was it necessary for this report to be legitimated from the highest level (from a presidential commission)?; Is this report condemning the left univocally and is this condemnation corresponding to a historical period that is characterized by the triumph of neoliberalism?; Under the actual crises of capitalism, when new forms of political organisation or economies should be imagine/reimagine – this report is bringing in existence only two possible worlds: communism with its past of crimes and abuses and capitalism as a solution that was historically verified as being a success since the capitalist world has won the cold war.

At a larger scale that vision correspond to an attack that is taking place against the working class – and against all that the working class has gain through struggle during the XX century, an attack that is taking place all over the world. What is making things less clear for Romanians is their past, doubled by a narrow political imaginery, painted in black and white by ideological institutions of the State: authoritarian communism and laissez-faire capitalism.

Note: Traian Băsescu was reading before the Parliament in 2006 – a document offered by the Presidential Commision of Analising the Communist Dictaturiship in Romania, a document that condemn communism as beign a criminal regime.

The blog of the magazin “Anarhia” is here to find


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