New anarchist magazine in Romania

On exactly the 1st of May this year a new anarchist publication reached the public in Romania. It is called „Anarhia” (Anarchy). The first issue contains articles on the topics of Anarcho-Syndicalism, Nationalism and on the history of Anarchism and Syndicalism in Romania. The magazine has 32 pages. Printed issues can be picked up for free at The Alternative Library (Biblioteca Alternativă), Strada Episcopul Radu, Nr. 17 in Bucharest. New issues of „Anarhia” will be published every three months.

In order to celebrate the publishing of the first issue a „Release”-Event took place in Bucharest on the 30th of April. Between 40 till 50 interested people have participated and a short speech from one of the publishers was followed by lively questions and debates. On the 1st of May as Romanian anarchists gathered on a public meeting at Piața Universității (University Square) in Bucharest, „Anarhia” was also distributed there.


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