Warning against Initiativa Anarho-Sindicalista from Romania (IASR)

We think it is our duty to inform the movement about recent happenings in Romania.

On the 8th January 2012 on the Facebook-Page of the London Wobblies (https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/london.iww) the person responsible for the Facebook-Page of the IASR has posted sexist comments and comments which justify the rape of fascist women as an antifascist act. To counter-reactions he answered with further comments of the same kind.


IASR: I’m a bad “sexist” for wanting some fascist scums to be raped LOL

IASR: The same can be said to the partisans, those damn “pro-rape” dickheads. But wait, most of you like WW2 partisans. Well i got a news for you, partisans done some good fascist raping.

This responsible member of the IASR showed a total lack of reason in his acting, not even when he got from another member of IASR internally addressed about his comments. His reaction was, that all these things would be just a joke and not upsetting in his opinion, and that the case should be sit out as he refuses “political correctness”. For this position he got the support from all members of the IASR, except the only one who demanded a consideration of what happened.

After information about the rape-justifying comments from IASR occurred on the international libertarian platform Libcom http://libcom.org/forums/general/disturbing-comments—08012012, the IASR resorted to a lie and declared that the member of IASR who has written the comments would not be a member anymore and would also be suddenly unreachable.

Quote Entry IASR No 18 on the Libcom Discussionpage:

“Of course, he was a member of IASR, but he seems to be out of reach to us. His telephone number is closed, and he doesn’t answer to our emails. This individual was in charge of the FB account, until our international secretary resolved his personal problems and came back.”

IASR also claimed that the international secretary would have taken now over the administration of the Facebook account. The IASR would distance themselves from the reactionary statements and would lead an internal investigation.

This is a sheer lie set up to mislead the international movement. The person who has written the sexist comments on the London Wobblies Facebook-Page was none other than the international Secretary of the IASR himself, who poses himself now as the “Saviour” who would have taken back the groupaccount. Furthermore, this international secretary declared now that the person who posted these sexist comments must be a person “that seems… to have lost his entire human dignity”. (Comment No. 20)

Because of these happenings the member who demanded an examination, after several attempts to open a group discussion, has declared his withdrawal from IASR. He writes about that: “I believe that is unacceptable to lie a community that you pretend you are part of. I also believe you can’t build anything good on that ground. I think it’s useless and led by a blind ego to persist into a mistake that you can’t assume. More than the comments that occurred on a social internet page these are the reasons for which I distanced myself from IASR, a project that I put my heart into”

We bring this information to the knowledge of all libertarian and anarcho-syndicalist groups and organisations so that they get aware of what it is the case with the IASR and so that the comrades can take the appropriate measures.

ASIR, 12th January 2012

Anarcho-Syndicalist Infoservice Romania

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