Victory for the Workers of the GDS Factory in Arad

The Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative in Romania (I.A.S.R) informed today about the victory of the striking workers of GDS MS in Arad. The statement says:

The Nemira Union announced the end of the collective labour conflict at GDS MS Arad due to the fact that the managers from GDS MS have accepted the union’s demands for a wage rise.

The strikers have been confronted during their strike action with a malicious attitude from mass-media and pressure from the bosses. IASR supported the workers from the beginning of the conflict, posting articles about the strike and calling for international support for the strikers. IASR was in contact with the workers from the beginning of the hostilities considering that only solidarity can bring a victory for the working class.

Although the demands of the strikers were accepted by the bosses we need to have in mind that in Romania:
– Labour legislation is in favor of the capitalist class;
– Mass-media is hostile to the working class interests promoting the idea that workers should be happy if they have a job however bad is that job;
– Workers solidarity is our only defense against government and the capitalist class.
IASR will monitor the situation of the workers from GDS MS Arad in the future and support their struggle against those that rob the fruit of their labour, enslaving them while their criminal allies – the politicians – are making the games of the privileged class.

This work struggle is a proof that workers can win with a strike. If they had not done anything, then nothing would have changed.

I.A.S.R., 07.10.2011

Original-Statement in Romanian

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