Indefinite Strike at Machine Factory in Arad

Since October 30, workers of the machine factory GDS Manufacturing Services in the Rumanian city of Arad went on an indefinite strike. This strike, which has been decided by the majority of workers, has been started after fruitless negotiations between the general management and the company union Nemira (Sindicatul Nemira).  Wage workers at the factory receive a monthly salary of 540 Leu, which is around 125 Euro. How shall workers feed their children with that? Midafax cited union secretary Samir Nedelea saying: “And now winter is coming and people need to heat their homes”. The strikers just demand a  decent additional salary of about 100 Leu (23€) pre-tax and vouchers, which have already been promised (Coupons instead of money which can be used in participating shops). They also demand a collective labour agreement for wage and work time regulation. A newly inaugurated labour law weakens current regulations by allowing individual labour contracts so that workers who do exactly the same job receive different payment depending on their negotiating skills when they were employed. In March, the general management announced the signing of a collective labour agreement. But the daily newspaper Adevarul wrote that nothing has happened so far.

While most newspapers just offer short and fragmented information, the famous newspaper Romania Libera initiated a smear campaign against the strikers. In particular, they accuse the union’s secretary of dishonest motives and personal revenge as “he has worked many years for the company and was then fired”. But the bourgeoisie press ignores the fact that he was fired during the negotiations to bring them to an end. Solidarity is very important in this situation. It hardly happens that workers in Romania strike at all; they are intimidated, they are faced with an apathetic society and they are met with refusal from media and politicians. GDS is a global player with its headquarters in Vicenza (Italy). They have branches in many cities, e.g. Düsseldorf and Madrid. Public pressure will support the workers’ demands.

Show your solidarity with the strikers and use the following Email address and contact form to show your solidarity and to put pressure on the general management, so they will accept the workers’ demands as soon as possible.

GDS MS Arad, Romania
Eveljn Vendramini

Headquarter GDS GROUP
Giovanni Cariolato
Fax: +39 0445 428992

Contact Form:

Here is a general map of GDS dependencies:

Anarcho-Syndicalistic Information Service Romania, 03.10.2011

translated into English by bubblebobble

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