Extreme form of protest

An extreme form of protest over the government austerity measures took place yesterday in the Romanian Parliament. Adrian Sobaru is 41 years old and father of two and he working as an engeneer for the Romanian Television. He shout to the prime minister from a balcony of the chamber: “You have robbed children’s rights” and jumped in an suicidal attempt.

The photos published by newspapers show Sobaru wearing a white T-shirt, with the words: “You’ve pierced us. You’ve killed our children’s future. Freedom!”. The first sentence is a reference to President Traian Basescu who, upon winning the presidential race in 2009, said: “I’ve pierced them”. The word “freedom” it refers to the 1989 uprising in which more than 1,300 unarmed people was killed by authorities.

Adrian Sobraru is now hospitalized. He sustained face wounds, and other non life-threatening injuries, said Catalin Carstoiu – the manager at the University Hospital. He will soon undergo surgery.

The extrem form of protest that Sobraru choose was meant to make the politicians understand that their austerity measures are criminal and that life for simply, honest  workers becomes imposible to be lived.

On 11 July, the ‘Research Institute for Quality of Life’ (http://www.iccv.ro/oldiccv/english/newsite/index.htm) published under the aegis of the Romanian Academy, a sociological and economical study that shows very clear that at 20 years from the falling of the communist regime, the country was sistematically robbed and that politician’s measures lead to the extreme social inequities and poverty among the working class.



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