Protest of the mainstream unions (Update 28.10.)

Mainstream unions that are active in Bucharest have decided to initiate a strike on October 27th and to call for 80,000 workers to protest against the wage cuts. As well, on October 27th the main opposition party – the Social Democrats – will initiate in the Romanian Parliament a censure motion against the government.

The first impression I have is that political parties are using unions to lunch attacks in their political struggle. Union’s leaders are also fraternizing with politicians and call for action and protest only to support political groups.

The relation between politicians and union’s leaders can’t bring anything in favour of the workers and as we know from the past neither the next government will be interested of worker’s life conditions nor the union’s leaders will call for new protests.

Why should all these worry the workers? It is because the unions that should represent and fight for their rights are lead in a very undemocratic manner and are close to the definition of the yellow unions. It seems also that all their actions are converging to the political support of the big political parties, instead of fighting for worker’s control and work as a democratic inner organisation.

The government is very unpopular since the workers are loosing a large part of their income under the false government slogans of solidarity during the economic crises. The protest from tomorrow as much as will bring nothing much than support for the censure motion – and replacing a parasites class with another – won’t really bring something substantial for the working class.

Update 28.10.2010

Report on protest

The protest meant to support the censure motion of Social Democrats ended yesterday without reaching its goal. Despite the popular support – the censure motion has not met the majority in Parliament. Although the unions involved in the protest are reformist and the union leaders avoid slogans that include class struggle, there were some small group of people that started to chant: ‘Revolution!’ and ‘Capitalist thieves!’ but all these was not mentioned by media.

Gendarmes present at the protest were attacked by syndicalists that tried to break a blockade and 12 syndicalists were arrested. The protest was also marked by the first degree alarm initiated by Internal Affairs Ministry – a decision that is taken in the interes of “national security”. This action of the government shows only that they are fear of people that reached a high level of discontent with government policy.

Diogenes for ASIR

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