Health care system in collapse

Today, September the 1st – the Romanian Health System, which is already at the edge of collapse, is getting another punch from the ministry through the government decision no. 615/2010. That order is about cutting funds for chronic disease treatment. These kind of decisions will put in danger, not only the lives of those who are suffering from – let’s say, tuberculosis – a disease which is not eradicated in Romania yet, but also of those who are coming in contact with this persons.

Moreover, these kind of decision is representing just a small example of the complete lack of interest for the public health although the state budget for the health system is receiving big amounts from citizen’s pockets (there are two incomes for health in Romania: 10,5% from the gross wage for the National House of Health and 5,5% from the gross wage for the medical insurance).

For all that – I’m reading on the BBC Internet page, these statistics:

– Romania spends just 3,6% of Gross Domestic Product on healthcare, less than any other EU country;

– Junior doctors earn around 400 USD per month

– Since 2007, almost 5.000 doctors, 1 in 10, have left Romania for Western Europe


It is nothing new here when patients are paying their own treatment if they need medical care although they pay every month to the health system – 16% from their gain. This is happening because across Romania, the most of the hospitals are in debt and they cannot afford to pay for drugs.

The government policy for health can be represented very well if we’ll take some examples of recent mall praxis cases:

– April 23rd – Amelia Anthony – Prime soloist at the National Operetta Theatre “Ion Dacian” was almost killed after she fell into a coma. She was infected with dangerous bacteria in the hospital;

– April 30th – a 21 years old pregrnant woman died in a hospital because she was neglected;

– May 23rd – a 9 years old boy died in a hospital. His mother took him to the hospital for a broken arm;

– August 15th – an 8 years old boy died in a hospital. He was hospitalized for a leg wound

These examples of mall praxis are only the top of the iceberg and the cause is the criminal policy of the government. .

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